Day 99: 29th June 2020

99 days of COVID restrictions

Life has gone back to the basics. Being forced to survive within our small space, stripped off all the worldly pleasures that we thought were essential to us, has shown us that the value of little things in life is much greater than their cost. An existence that is cut off from the world has its perks but the price we paid for this is way too harsh to be acceptable. We didn’t need this pandemic that has broken so many families and pushed the poor into an even greater abyss of poverty. I wish there was a way out now. However, I do believe that we will find a way out, but it is going to take a while…

When I began this lockdown journal, I didn’t know what form it will take. I only knew that something unprecedented is happening and I need to document it. It has turned out to be much worse that I imagined! I thought that we would live through a couple of months in lockdown and then the curve will flatten and the disease will be pushed out of our country.

I was wrong!

I also thought that I would be documenting my thoughts and mental state but so much has been going on that there hasn’t been any time to think! Not for me, at least. The developments around the world have take centre stage. Work from home has been the norm for me for several years but with everyone at home, and all the washing-up and other duties that has been necessitated by Covid-19, life has been hectic.

Now, I think of everything in terms of ‘before coronavirus’ and ‘after coronavirus’. I wonder how you think of things now… is life going back to normal for you? Or are you also changing your definition of the normal?

However, the pressure to keep up daily posting has been enormous. We are over the lockdown for now and into unlock-2 with only some restrictions remaining. Travel is out of bounds for most purposes but otherwise, things are as normal as they would be for a long time to come, I guess. In view of that, after tomorrow when I complete 100 days of my journal, I will be writing my posts once a week, on every Sunday. I would have loved to keep up a daily journal, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Besides, there isn’t much to report that is new.

Anyway, on to the news for today…

Scientists Identify Drugs that May Block Coronavirus from Jumping to Uninfected Cells

The scientists, including those from EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in the US, noted that viruses, including the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, take control of the machinery of host cells and manipulate it to produce new viral particles.

They said sometimes this hijacking interferes with the activity of the host’s proteins and other important molecules such as enzymes, which change protein activity by making chemical modifications to its structure.

In the study, the researchers also identified dozens of drugs approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that target the kinases of interest.

They said seven of these compounds, primarily anticancer and inflammatory disease compounds, demonstrated potent antiviral activity in laboratory experiments.

“Our data-driven approach for drug discovery has identified a new set of drugs that have great potential to fight COVID-19, either by themselves or in combination with other drugs, and we are excited to see if they will help end this pandemic,” Krogan said.

The Tamil Nadu government on Monday extended the lockdown in the state till July 31.

Mumbai witnessed massive traffic jams today as the traffic police created multiple checkpoints to strictly enforce the 2-km travel restriction applicable for all except office goers.

Coronavirus Cases:


Cases in India: 566,833

June 29, 2020, 16:53 GMT

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